European Automated
Valet Parking


The EAVP platform

EAVP is the ERTICO innovation platform that seeks to unlock the full potential of Automated Valet Parking in Europe, leading the consistent and stepwise deployment of AVP functionality:

  • Facilitating and supporting the implementation of priority actions in the deployment of AVP in Europe
  • Fostering and cultivating relevant standards, European related legislation, and aligning on deployment roadmaps
  • Bringing the technology to large-scale flagship city deployments
  • Cooperating with the ongoing EU legislation

AVP Customer Journey

The EAVP partnership has collaboratively worked on the development of the ‘AVP customer journey’ to ensure a seamless customer process, fulfilling the expected user requirements. 

Read the full Automated Valet Parking User Journey document

A snapshot at the AVP Customer Journey

Explore how the AVP Customer Journey with Skidata

                                                     Source: SKIDATA GmbH

WG 1

Strategy & Business Assignment 

The WG aims to create a comprehensive and smooth autonomous vehicle penetration (AVP) strategy. This involves defining the roles and responsibilities of individual stakeholders, including entities such as VDA, ACEA, CLEPA, and ISO. Additionally, the group seeks to develop an end-to-end customer experience that includes reservations, hands-free access to local facilities, payments, and value added services such as EV-charging.s. To achieve this, it establishes strong partnerships and aligns the interests and expectations of all AVP business stakeholders. Ultimately, their goal is to ensure that the ISO standard becomes the de facto standard in the market, and they are preparing for a pre-competitive roll-out to make this happen.

WG 2

Connectivity & Interfaces 

WP2 primary objective is to establish an all-encompassing communication network that ensures seamless connectivity and a convenient user experience. The team will monitor the latest standards and formulate appropriate actions to bridge any gaps between ISO23374 and other protocols like APDS. The group will also identify regular AVP-related processes (“happy flow”) and how to handle disruptions and interferences (“unhappy flow”). To achieve this goal, the team will install task force teams that will develop interface specifications between existing ADPS protocols and AVP car-to-infra protocols. They will identify all interface gaps for a comprehensive user journey, including information, reservation, compatibility, access, and payment. Finally, they will link the end-to-end customer experience with the defined technical solution and assess different connectivity approaches to achieve their goal. 

WG 3

Dissemination and Promotion 

Working Group 3 will spread awareness about ISO23374, creating strong links with the parking and logistics industry and other stakeholders. The team will participate in various showcases such as IAA Munich, publish relevant materials, design and prototype AVP solutions using subsidy projects like CEF, and organize pilot projects to optimize AVP operations. 
In addition, the team will handle policy and regulatory affairs by recommending activities concerning regulation and political issues at the national, EU, and international levels. They will jointly develop reference implementations at test sites, establish and maintain international channels like OADF, and handle regulatory aspects. 
Lastly, the team will define and deliver the technical content for pilot sites, including the pre-competitive marketing strategy for AVP. 


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